Social Partnership

From October 1, 2012 to 2021, Embamunaigas JSC allocated more than 1 trillion 303 billion tenge to pay taxes to the National Fund, the republican and local budgets, about 4 billion 900 million tenge was allocated for the development of regional infrastructure.

Additionally, as part of contractual obligations EMG allocates significant financial funds for preparation of Kazakhstani psecialists: vocational training and education of Kazakhstani students from high and secondary schools.

During 2012 to 2018, Company allocated more than 2 billion tenge for sponsorship and charity. For the last three years, Company supported more than 170 public organizations and underage children suffering from serious deceases.

Sponsorship from the company during 2015 to 2018 has been received by children’s house for orphans and children without parents after S. Kazybayev, veteran’s organization of Atyrau oblast and Atyrau, Atyrau oblast hospital – for the purchase of medical equipment to equipment shock therapy room, house for eldrely people and people with disabilities, Atyrau oblast perinatal center – to purchase birth bed, Atyrau municipal society of invalids, and many other things.

From 2015 to 2018, Company annually conducted events for socially suffered population dedicated to Children protection day and chairyt X-mas trees. Annually in New Year parties for children particiapte over 1000 chidlren from oblast specialised and medical facilities. Among inviduals whi obtained help from the Companu – children with cancer, disabilities, and other deceases who need immediate surgenry outside the country and further recovery.

“Embamunaygas” JSC staff always distinguished by its civil activity and social responsibility.

In 2015, for the funds raised by EMG workers, capital repairs of 4 houses for Atyrau citizens was performed, in families with children with disabilities and a new hosue is built for lonely pensioner.

In 2016, a new hosue is built for mutiple children familiy in Atyrau where two children suffered with serious decease.

In 2018, Company staff helped Zyryanovsk region of East-Kazakhstan oblast citizens suffered from strong flood. For the fudns raised by Emba oil people to chairty Fund “Our town – Zyraynovsk”, 4 flats and 3 hosues were purchased for the habitants of villages Maleevsk, Zubovsk and Zyraynovsk coutry side, whose houses are not subject to restoration.

In June 2019, in 8 settlements of 5 regions of Atyrau oblast – in village Kurmangazy of Kurmagazinski region, in village Issatay and Akkystau of Issatauski region, in st. Zhamansor and Mukur of Kyzylkoginski reion, in village Kulsary of Zhylyoiski region, in village Dossor and Makat of Makat region ceremonies wre held of awarding the keys for multiple children families of the houses purchased for one day salary of “Embamunaygas” JSC workers.

In July 2019, EMG staff participated in the republican action “Arys. Biz birgemiz”. For tha llocated voluntary funds from the Company employees, school uniforms were bought for over 300 pupils from 16 schools of needy familities of Arys suffered from epxplosions.

After supporting the children from needy families of Arys town to prepare for the school suffered from the explosion, it was decided to provide with similar support to the families with many children in Atyrau oblast and Atyrau. As a result, for the personal funds of Emba oil people, 70 pupils of Atyrau and regions from socially needy families were provided with uniforms and shoes during this year.

As part of implementation of charity action, EMG specialists visited oblast centers and a number of villages of Atyrau oblast. Lists of needy families were provided to regional majors. These lists included families who made a written appeal to the Company. And also children from families who were supported by EMG employees in buying houses.

At the end of 2019 the employees of Embamunaigas JSC made a voluntary collection of funds and handed over New Year's gifts to more than 200 children from low-income families of the Atyrau region and the city of Atyrau. Gifts to children living in the districts of Atyrau region in which the Company conducts production activities were presented by employees of the EMG production structural divisions. Recall that earlier the initiative launched by the chairman of the EMG Management Board was picked up by the oil workers of the NGDU Zhylyoimunaigaz, who collected more than 2 million tenge, which were aimed at helping 12 low-income families in the Zhylyoi region.