In June 2017, the Company launched a major project - the AOG treatment unit for the Prorva group of fields with a capacity of 150 million m3 per year. The project was implemented within the Program on 100% utilization of associated oil gas.

After commissioning, the Unit will produce: commodity gas, commercial granular sulfur, stable gas condensate. The uniqueness of the project is that for the first time in Kazakhstan to produce the harmless elemental sulfur, the patented LO-CAT technology from MERICHEM will be applied. This technology is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic chemicals, does not produce harmful by-products and provides very high efficiency of desulphurisation.

Earlier similar facilities for utilization of associated oil gas were launched in the production departments of the Company – Zhayikmunaygas OGPD (S. Balgimbayev) and Dossormunaygas OGPD (Vostochny Makat) in Isatay and Makat districts of Atyrau region. In addition to minimizing the negative impact on the environment, these facilities supply natural gas at a preferential price to the population of three districts of the region.

The company is systematically working to minimize the harm to the environment. Embamunaygas JSC allocates significant funds for the implementation of projects aimed at cleaning historically contaminated areas and treatment oil sludge. Treatment is carried out by use of the Finnish Kalottikone Unit. The recycled soil is used in the construction and repair of roads in the fields.

In the framework of rational use of fresh water, in 2016 the Company began research and further use of groundwater for production needs of the facilities of Embamunaygas JSC in the territories of the South Emba basin and the Kainar massif with an assessment of the underground water reserves of the Albian-Cenomanian sediments. The implementation of the program will reduce the company's dependence on the consumption of the Volga water for industrial and social and domestic needs.