Gas Projects

In June 2017, the Company launched a major project - the AOG treatment unit for the Prorva group of fields with a capacity of 150 million m3 per year. The unit is intended for the utilization of associated oil gas of the Prorva group of fields in Zhylyoi district of Atyrau region. At present, the commodity gas from the Unit is supplied to the central Asia central pipeline, thereby significantly reducing the forced burning of associated oil gas on the flares of the Prorva group of fields. The technology of gas treatment LO-CAT from Merichem, applied on the Unit, is environmentally safe and provides high efficiency of desulphurization. The whole process of gas treatment is fully automated and provides several levels of protection against emergency situations. Annually the Unit will produce commodity gas, stable gas condensate in the amount of 4,1 thousand tons and granulated sulfur in the amount of 2,7 thousand tons.

Similar facilities for treatment of associated oil gas for 2012-2013 successfully operate on the Company's fields – the East Makat and the S. Balgimbayev field, supplying natural gas at a preferential price to the population of three districts of Atyrau region.

The company intends to implement several more gas projects. The implementation of the project of gas-piston power stations will significantly save production costs and increase the reliability of electricity supply. To date, it is planned to introduce gas-piston power plants in the pilot mode to provide electricity to the fields of SWK and Zaburuniye ("Zhaiykmunaygas" OGPD) with a total capacity of 9.6 MW.

Another project is related to the technology of GTL (Gas-to-liquids), which involves the treatment of natural gas into high-quality products as diesel fuel, kerosene and synthetic motor oils.