Investment projects

In June 2017, the Company has launched a major project – Installation of sour sweetening unit of associated petroleum gas from Prorva group of fields with capacity - 150 MMm3/year, with value of 35 bln KZT. Project has been executed as part of the Program on 100% disposal of associated petroleum gas.

The unit is designed for the disposal of petroleum gas at Prorva group of fields (S. Nurzhanov field, Prorva, Aktobe, Dosmukhambetov field) in Zhylyoi region of Atyrau oblast.

After commissioning, the unit will produce: sales gas, sales granular sulphur, stable gas condensate. Sales gas will be transported along UNIT- GSS «Tolkyn» gas pipeline, stable gas condensate will be used for own needs, and granular sulphur will be exported to internal and external markets.

The uniqueness of this Project is that for the first time in Kazakhstan the patented LO-CAT of MERICHEM brand technology will be used to obtain harmless elementary sulphur. This technology is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic chemicals, does not produce harmful lateral wastes and provides with highly efficiency in removal of hydrogen sulphide.

During the construction phase of the Unit by Contractor Company, over 500 temporary jobs were created. Presently, new permanent jobs are created at “Embamunaygas” JSC.  

Gas piston power stations construction Project – Execution of gas piston power stations will allow the Company significantly decreasing operational costs and increasing the reliability of power supply. During the first stage it is assumed that the power will be delivered from gas piston power stations of “Yu.Z.K.” and “Zaburunie” fields of “Zhaikmunaygas” OGPC with total capacity of 9,6 MWt. After positive implementation of gas piston power stations, JSC plans to implement at the following fields: “Е. Makat” of “Dossormunaygas” OGPC and Prorva group of fields of “Zhylyoimunaygas” OGPC.