Strategic development


Approved by the Board of Directors of Embamunaygas JSC at the end of April 2018 until 2027

Company vision by 2027

In 2027, «Embamunaygas» JSC will be a highly efficient oil and gas company with the majority of state interest, which will correspond to high safety standards with highly qualified personnel and beneficial resources bases ensuring long-term development.


We produce oil and gas in order to ensure stability for Company employees and efficiency for shareholder by balancing social and business interests.


1. Lives of people – our unconditional value. Preserve the lives and health of our employees through implementation of safety culture for ourselves and colleagues. Employees coming to work should return home safe and healthy.

2. Full completion. Company strives at achieving declared results and set goals. We value employees motivated at results.

3. Taking care of native land and company. Company values employees who take care of environment and property of the Company.

4. Professionalism. Company creates conditions for vocational development of its employees. We value employees who strive at acquiring of new knowledge, and create equal conditions for career growth.

5. Ethics and respect to personalities. Company strives at creation of a relationship culture which is based on mutual respect and trust.