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Welcome on the corporate website of Embamunaigas JSC!

The history of Kazakhstan oil dates back to 1899, with the first oil fountain from well #7 on the Emba structure - Karashungul.

The first oil fountain was preceded by almost two hundred years of research of this region, prospecting and exploration work on the oil-bearing areas of Emba began in 1892. The difficult years of the revolution, followed by the civil war and the tremendous work to restore the first oil fields, the feat of the Emba people during the World War II - all these are milestones of the formation of our company.

Along with the development of oil fields in those years, there was the development of Kazakhstani national staff, the descendants of which still work in "Embamunaigas" JSC and other oil and gas companies in the country, and also in other projects.  In the 1930s of the last century, an oil technical school was opened on the basis of Embamunaigas, and construction of the Guryev-Emba-Orsk oil pipeline began. The great demand for high-quality fuel in the military and post-war years, overall gave a powerful impetus to the development of the domestic oil production and refining industry. The Guryev Oil Refinery plant was built. Since 1945 year, the trust "Embaneft" transformed into the production "Kazakhstanneft" association, included all enterprises of the oil industry, which operated after the war in the Kazakh SSR.

Its Emba geologists achievement that the largest hydrocarbon fields in Western Kazakhstan - Tengiz, Uzen, Mangyshlak, Prorva, Kenbai, etc., thanks to which the oil and gas industry is still the locomotive of the country's economy.

Today, Embamunaigas is a modern oil company with a promising future, successfully implementing its plans for resource base growth, introducing new technologies in oil and gas production and developing new business lines. All information about the history and current status of our Company is available on the website. And you can address your questions and suggestions to us in this section using the "Feedback" link.

I wish you a pleasant reading and constructive cooperation with our Company!

The Chairman of the Board of Embamunaigas JSC
Kairzhan Esen