Emba: a living tradition as a forge of human resources

21 April, 2023

Sixteen trainees who have completed dual system training at Embamunaigas JSC (hereinafter EMG or the Company) have been recruited to work at EMG following testing results. Sabit Arynov, General Director of Embamunaigas JSC, met with the young specialists on the occasion of this significant event in their lives.

He congratulated the employees who had passed the recruitment requirements and wished them success in their work, professional growth and continuous development in line with the requirements of modern production.

"The dual training system has proven its effectiveness in training technical specialists. Between 2015 and 2022, 242 people were trained under this programme at Embamunaigas production facilities, 83 of whom were employed by our Company. Today you are becoming part of our large team.  I am sure that you will put all your potential, knowledge and efforts into the prosperity of Emba," said S. Arynov.

The dual training programme for students has been in place at Embamunaigas JSC for over eight years.  Third and fourth year students from universities and colleges in Atyrau oblast can take part in it. As part of the implementation of the dual training programme, Embamunaigas JSC cooperates with the AUNiG named after S. V. Lomonosov. С. Utebayev, ARES PetroTechnic Higher College, Atyrau Polytechnic College named after S. Mukhshev, Mamaisky College, Atyrau State Technical University and Atyrau Region Polytechnic College. It cooperates with S. Mukashev Polytechnic College in Astrakhan, Makat Technological College of Oil and Gas, and Zhylyoi Technological College of Oil and Gas named after S. Utebayev. Training is conducted on a rotational basis (14 days of theory-14 days of practice). In the process of mastering the dual training programme, EMG implements social support for aspiring specialists: it provides students with meals, overalls, sleeping quarters and pays them monthly material compensation.

In 2023, Embamunaigas JSC has 65 students undergoing dual training. By combining theory and practice, trainees learn blue-collar jobs, including well exploration operator, oil and gas production operator, chemical analysis laboratory technician, electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and others.

By implementing the dual training programme, Embamunaigas S.A. supports the government's policy of supporting employment, creates social lifts for young people and develops its own tradition of a talent forge that has accompanied Emba's work for over 100 years.    

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For reference:

JSC Embamunaigas is a subsidiary of JSC National Company KazMunayGas. The official history of Embamunaigas JSC dates back to 1922 when the Embaneft Trust was established to develop the Dossor and Makat fields. The main activities of the company are: geological exploration, oil and gas field development; oil and gas production; oil and gas treatment. Embamunaigas JSC consists of 6 production units in Atyrau city and 4 districts of Atyrau region: "Zhaikmunaigas, Dossormunaigas, Kainarmunaigas, Zhylyoymunaigas, Embamunaigas department and Production and technical maintenance and equipment completion department. The company supplies oil produced for export and the domestic market. Domestically, oil is delivered to Kazakhstan's refineries. The oil is exported through two main routes: Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) and Uzen-Atyrau-Samara (UAS) pipelines. Sales of marketable gas are carried out through the national gas and gas supply operator of Kazakhstan, JSC NC Qazaq Gaz. Between 2012 and 2022, Embamunaigas JSC allocated more than 1 trillion, 472 billion Tenge in taxes to the National Fund, national and local budgets. 472 billion tenge, about 5 billion 640 million tenge were allocated for regional infrastructure development. 640 million tenge.