“Unity in the family is the modern upbringing of a child”

06 March, 2020

“Embamunaigas” JSC (hereinafter referred to as EMG or Company) held a meeting on the theme “Unity in the family - a modern education of a child” organized by the women's club “Munaishy Kyz”. The final results of this event were summed up in the Central office of Management in Atyrau.

Rysty Tasmagambetova, Deputy Chairman of the EMG Board for Economics and Finance, addressed the audience, noting the importance of this event.

– Today, family value is one of the most important topics of our society. The “Munaishy Kyz” club, created under “Embamunaigas” JSC, regularly holds events to promote and explain this topic. Until today, a number of meetings have been organized among our oil girls on the topic of respect in the family, family unity, and national values. We have now become participants in such an event on the theme “Unity in the family is the modern upbringing of a child” as a result of such meetings, Thanks to such meetings, our club gradually reaches its goal.

In this event, which lasted a week, we tried to cover the entire team, including the entire management team of the company. Today, our final meeting is held with the participation of women colleagues from the “Embamunaienergo” Department and the “Department of production and technical maintenance and equipment” and the Central office of Management, - Rysty Nurgalievna said in her speech.

The meeting continued with an open discussion on topical issues of family well-being, spiritual wealth of a person, the girls also shared their thoughts, told about the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. During the event, the speaker of the meeting, a specially invited business coach of international level from Almaty Zhumakayeva Bakhyt voiced the acute problems of our society and their solutions, which she received based on the results of her research, and revealed the reasons for the increase in divorce, its prevention and investigative circumstances.

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