Social policy

From the moment of transformation into Joint Stock Company in 2012 till 1.10.2017, Embamunaygas JSC has allocated about 2.3 billion tenge for development of infrastructure of Atyrau region, paid 654 billion tenge in the form of taxes to the Republican and local budgets and allocated more than 2 billion tenge -for sponsorship and charity within obligations under subsoil use contracts.

Kindergartens, houses for employees of the public sector, sports and recreation centers, community centers and other social facilities are built using the funds of the company in Atyrau region. In 2017, Embamunaygas JSC allocated 840 million tenge for the development of regional infrastructure.

The following social facilities like a kindergarten for 100 places, 5 duplex houses in Sagyz and Tasshagyl villages of Kyzylkoga district, secondary school named after O. Surgunanova for 300 places in Makat district, additional building to Kulynshak kindergarten and community center for 200 places in Tuschykuduk and Isatay villages of Zhanbay district were completed and put into operation using funds allocated in 2016-2017. Construction of social facilities continues: a secondary school for 424 children, a kindergarten for 290 children, a first-aid station and 10 houses for public sector workers in villages of Kyzylkoga district, sports and recreation centers for 160 people in Akkistau village, Isatay district. In addition, within the framework of contractual obligations, the Company allocates significant financial resources for the training of Kazakhstan specialists: professional development of the company's employees and payment for the training of Kazakhstan students in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions.

Embamunaygas JSC annually provides sponsorship support for sports and social organizations, charitable assistance to children required urgent surgery and rehabilitation as a result of severe disease, helps socially vulnerable social group.