Personnel Policy

The company employs more than 5 thousand people. A lot of work is being done to develop the personnel qualitatively, the Early Retirement Program is being implemented since the age of 58 for workers who have worked the most of the time in the harsh conditions of the oil industry and who have health problems. 162 employees from the beginning of the program prematurely retired in 2014 and till now.

Within the framework of contractual obligations, the Company pays significant funds for social projects in terms of training of Kazakh specialists. The Company implements the project on the dual education and scholarship program since 2015. Within the framework of the project on dual training for the last three years, 69 students from the Atyrau University of Oil and Gas and the ARES Retrochnic College have been trained in our production units in parallel with training. Along with the diplomas they received at hands the labor record of employment. 16 graduates with the highest results during the final test are employed in the Company. As part of the scholarship program, the Company is liable for tuition for 4 students of the Higher technical school APES Рetrotechnic from socially vulnerable segments of the population and children of employees of Embamunaygas JSC, pays a monthly scholarship in the amount of minimum wage established by law for the relevant year, takes the lead in organizing practices and employs in the case of vacancies in the specialty.

The basis of the Company's stability is labor dynasties. Today "Embamunaygas" employs representatives of more than twenty dynasties where three or more generations have linked their lives to the difficult profession of oilman. Total work experience of some of them exceeds 200 years.

In connection with the decline on oil prices in the world and the need to optimize costs, the current workplaces of non-core low-skilled labor are being reduced and outsourced. In the period from 2014 to 2017 in "Embamunaygas" JSC 164 work places were outsourced.