Geological exploration

To date, 41 oil and gas fields are on the books of Embamunaygas, of which 32 are in development, 9 mines are temporally abandoned, 7 of them due to a high water level and stocks depletion are in the process of return to the state.

The company's objective is to focus on activities to replenish and increase the resource base.

In 2015-2016, as a result of operations on drilling and exploratory wells, new oil reservoirs were found in the southern section of the Akkuduk and the northwestern flank of the S. Nurzhanov field.

To carry out exploration work of the salt and deep subsalt reservoirs, the systematic work is being implemented in the company. As a result of previous geological exploration activities of the Jurassic, Triassic and deep subsalt beds, the promising sites for drilling and appraisals have been found.