Staff of NGDU Zhaiykmunaigas provided housing for villagers

09 September, 2023

On the eve of Oil and Gas Workers' Day, NGDU Zhaiykmunaigas of Embamunaigas JSC, with the support of its trade union committee, held a charity event, as a result of which two needy families of Isatai district received keys to new housing.

Taren Nurgaliyev, a resident of Akkistau village, a disabled person of the first group, became one of the new residents. He had been living in a rented apartment for a long time. And the house of Bayzhuma Mukhambetov from Naryn village did not meet sanitary standards, so it was decided to help him get a new roof over his head.    

"I would like to thank the entire staff of our oil and gas production department and the trade union committee for responding as one to the offer of help and doing such a charitable deed," said Azamat Mangibayev, head of NGDU Zhaiykmunaigas.      

It should be noted that this kind of charity has become traditional for Emba oilmen. If last year, in honor of the 100th anniversary of Embamunaigas, such an event was held by Zhylyoi black gold miners, then recently the staff of NGDU Kainarmunaigas bought a house for Nurjamal Zharkynova, a resident of Mukyr village of Kyzylkuginsky district, who is raising her children alone, at their own expense. 

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JSC Embamunaigas is a subsidiary of JSC National Company KazMunaiGas. The official history of JSC Embamunaigas dates back to 1922, when the Embaneft Trust was established to develop the Dossor and Makat fields. The main activities of the company: geological exploration, development of oil and gas fields; oil and gas production; oil and gas treatment. Embamunaigas JSC includes 6 production structural subdivisions in Atyrau city and 4 districts of Atyrau region: "Zhaiykmunaigas", "Dossormunaigas", "Kainarmunaigas", "Zhylyoymunaigas", "Embamunaigas" management and "Production and Technical Maintenance and Equipment Completion Department" (PTO and KO). The Company supplies oil produced for export and the domestic market. Crude oil is delivered to refineries in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the domestic market. Oil is exported via two main routes: the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) and Uzen-Atyrau-Samara (UAS) pipelines. Marketable gas is sold through the national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of gas and gas supply - JSC NC Qazaq Gaz. From 2012 to 2022, Embamunaigas JSC spent more than KZT 1 trln. 472 billion KZT, and about 5 billion KZT 640 million KZT was allocated for the development of regional infrastructure.