Embamunaigas JSC summarised the results of the "Mereyli munayshy" contest

28 August, 2023

JSC "Embamunaigas" (hereinafter EMG or the Company) summarised the results of the creative corporate contest "Mereyli munaishy", which has already become traditional and was held this year for the second time.  

The competition is organised by the EMG Women's Club "Munayshy Kyz". The purpose of the contest is to strengthen internal communications and corporate unity. Promotion of safety culture and healthy lifestyle.  According to the contest rules, production teams had to use formats (video clip, tick-tock, clip, life report, video sketch) to tell about their workplace/workroom/place of rest (dorm room), safe production and healthy lifestyle.   

It should be noted that oil workers took a very responsible and creative approach to the competition. A total of 24 works from teams of brigades, sections and workshops of 4 NGDU and Embamunaienergo management were submitted for consideration by the jury.

"The project "Mereyli munaishy" of the women's club "Munaishy kyz" is not only an effective tool for strengthening internal communications, but also makes an effective contribution to the working community in terms of promoting safe labour rules and healthy lifestyles" - said Sabit Arynov, General Director of JSC "Embamunaigas", congratulating the winners.    

In the nomination "Our Workplace" the first place was awarded to the Oil and Gas Production Shop No.1 named after S.Balgimbayev of NGDU "Zhaikmunaigas"; the second and third places were awarded to the Eastern Makat Oil and Gas Production Shop of NGDU "Dossormunaigas" and the Heat and Water Gas Supply Department of NGDU "Kainarmunaigas".

In the "Safe Production" nomination, the team of the Prorva District Electrical Unit of Embamunaenergo was named the winner, the second place went to the Kenbai CDNG of Kainarmunaigas OGDU, and the third place went to the Botakhan CDNG of Dossormunaigas OGDU.

In the nomination "Healthy Shop" the best was the creative work in the format of a live reportage of the S.Balgimbayev CDNG of NGDU "Zhaiykmunaigas"; the second place was awarded to CDNG Kosshagyl of NGDU "Zhylyoiymunaigas" and the third place was awarded to the team of district electric units of the management of "Embamunaenergo".

The winners and runners-up were awarded diplomas and cash prizes. The best works will be posted on the Company's official pages in social networks, as well as on the website.          

Press contacts:

Galia KARAZHANOVA: G.Karajanova@emg.kmgep.kz, +7 (7122) 99-34-21.
І.Satylganova@emg.kmgep.kz, +7 (7122) 99-34-66.

For reference:
JSC Embamunaigas is a subsidiary of JSC National Company KazMunaiGas. The official history of JSC Embamunaigas dates back to 1922, when the Embaneft Trust was established to develop the Dossor and Makat fields. The main activities of the company: geological exploration, development of oil and gas fields; oil and gas production; oil and gas treatment. Embamunaigas JSC includes 6 production structural subdivisions in Atyrau city and 4 districts of Atyrau region: "Zhaiykmunaigas", "Dossormunaigas", "Kainarmunaigas", "Zhylyoymunaigas", "Embamunaigas" management and "Production and Technical Maintenance and Equipment Completion Department" (PTM&E). The Company supplies oil produced for export and the domestic market. Crude oil is delivered to refineries in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the domestic market. Oil is exported via two main routes: the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) and Uzen-Atyrau-Samara (UAS) pipelines. Marketable gas is sold through the national operator of Kazakhstan in the sphere of gas and gas supply - JSC NC Qazaq Gaz. From 2012 to 2022, Embamunaigas JSC spent more than KZT 1 trillion 472 billion on tax payments to the National Fund, the republican and local budgets, and KZT 1 trillion 472 billion for the payment of taxes to the National Fund, the republican and local budgets, and about 5 billion KZT 640 million KZT was allocated for the development of regional infrastructure.