Opened in Atyrau training center for training specialists for drilling

05 March, 2020

On March 4, 2020, the drilling technology training center was opened in Atyrau. The first specialized institution for Kazakhstani drillers in Kazakhstan appeared as part of the implementation of the Memorandum of cooperation concluded between the Kazakh-British technical University (hereinafter KBTU), the largest American service company “Baker Hughes” and the domestic drilling operator “KazPetroDrilling”. Chairman of the Board of “Embamunaigas” JSC Esen Kairzhan, took part in the opening ceremony as an official representative of “KazMunaiGas” National Company” JSC .

The new center opened its doors in the village of Birlik, on the territory of the production base “KazPetroDrilling”, which provided a modern building with infrastructure for the project and orders for the training of the first groups of specialists in the field of drilling. As it was repeatedly emphasized during the opening, the project took place due to the collocation of three parties – an authoritative educational institution for training professional personnel in the oil and gas industry, the international experience of a Western company and the practical experience of domestic business. The purpose of the project is to create a base for the development of national human resources in the field of drilling for the oil and gas and energy industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to KBTU rector Kenzhebek Ibrashev, the training center has already been accredited by the IWCF (International Well Control Forum) and is equipped with a DrillSim-20 simulator, a full-scale drillsim-5000 drilling simulator and special models of drilling equipment that will allow training competitive specialists for the domestic oil and gas industry in the oil and gas region.

- On the basis of this high-tech equipment, we have the opportunity to provide a full package of advanced training courses according to world standards and get international certification here. It is especially important that these services will be provided to our customers here in the oil and gas region, - said Ibrashev K.

Training in newly opened educational centre, will be held in nine areas of drilling technology in educational programs company Baker Hughes, more than 20 years in Kazakhstan providing technological services for different projects Karachaganak, Tengiz, Emba, Chinarevskoye field, etc. As noted by the representative of this company Meirzhan Sheraliev, the equipment of the center of modern software and various simulator allows to train specialists of international class.

- On the basis of the center, we offer unique programs “Drilling”, “Liquid in drilling and pumping”, “Directional drilling”, “Geophysical research during drilling”, “Cementing and pumping”, “Drill bits”, etc. at the moment, the first 75 specialists have already been trained in the training center, and we are glad that there are already practical results that justify the relevance of this initiative, since the share of directional horizontal drilling in Kazakhstan is growing, - stressed Sheraliev M.

- Today we are witnessing a unique event, when educational institutions and 2 large production companies joined together, for us, as an operating company with 5 thousand employees, it is very important to regularly improve their skills within the framework of the competence matrices developed within the company for each specialist. Therefore, on the basis of the training center, along with the training of production personnel, we also prepare internal trainers for our holding company, so that they, in turn, conduct educational activities on the ground, - said the President of “KazPetroDrilling” JSC Duisaliev Askhat.

During the press conference, a question was asked about the growth dynamics of directional and horizontal drilling in Kazakhstan. According to A. Duisaliev, at the moment the share of horizontal drilling in Kazakhstan's oil companies is 10-13%, but this figure is constantly growing and may increase several times in the near future.



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