Board of directors

Marabayev Zhakyp Nasipkaliyevich

The Chairman of the BoD of “Embamunaygas” JSC, The Deputy Chairman of BoD in Operations of “National Company “kazMunayGas” JSC

Graduated from Moscow University of oil chemistry and gas industry after Gubkin in the specialty “Mining” (1984), Moscow State University of Management (2002).

Labor activity started in 1984 in OGPC “Komsomolskneft” as Manager of technical department.

Novermber 10990 to March 10991 – Director of commercial department of “Sfinks” state corporation.

March 1991 – March 1993 – Hydrocarbons and oil chemistry department manager, deputy manager, chief engineer in the Ministry of External economic communication of RoK.

March 1993 to July 1993 – worked in the Ministry of Energy and fuel resources of Kazakhstan as a manager of offshore operations.

June 1993 to June 1997 – Vice-President and General Director of “KazakhstancASPIIsHELF” jsc.

June 1997 to July 1998 – Director on investments and new projects, commercial director in ZAO NC “KazakhOil”.

July 1998 to January 1999 – Vice-President of gas projects in ZAO NC “Kazakhoil”.

January 1999 to March 1999 – deputy chairman – member of BoD of “Khalyk Bank Kazakhstan” CJSC.

March 19999 – September 19999 – Vice-President in Operations of “KazTransOil” JSC.

September 1999 – September 1999 – Vice-President of NC “KazakhOil” CJSC

September 2001 – March 2002 – Deputy General Director of National company “Oil and gas transportation”.

March 2002 – March 2004 – Managing Director of NC “KazMunayGas” JSC, Authority chairman in PSA Share in Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

March 2004 – June 2006 – General Director of “KMG Exploration” JSC.

June 2006 – November 2006 – Managing director in NC KMG JSC, BoD Chairman in NC “KMG Exploration” JSC.

November 2006 – December 2008 – Coordination Council Chairman in KAZENERGY Association.

December 2008 – February 2019 – Deputy Managing Director North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC B.V.).

February 2019 – Present – Deputy Chairman in Operations of NC “KMG” JSC

Awards, scientific titles, grades:

Orders: Parasat, Kurmet.

Medals: “Yeren enbegi ushin”, “10 years of Kazakhstan Independency”, “10th anniversary of KAZENERGY Association».

Queen Victoriya Order awarded by European Business Association.

Breastplate of the RoK Ministyr of Energy – “Deserved worker of oil & gas industry of Kazakhstan”, breastplate of the Geology Committee – “Pioneer of the field of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Candidate of Economic science